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Why You Need a Surveyor for Road Construction

Surveyors for road construction are an integral piece of the civil infrastructure puzzle. From planning road locations all the way through line marking, surveyors are always there. There are several key jobs a surveyor will do when it comes to road construction, all of them crucial.

Using state of the art equipment and technical expertise, here’s why you need a surveyor for road construction

Planning Road Locations

The first step of any road project is planning. Firstly, this is to determine the most efficient place for a road to built. Surveyors perform detail surveys, contour surveys and a range of other scans to examine large areas for obstacles. They’re looking for man-made structures, or natural elements that could complicate the intended road.

By gathering all the relevant data, authorities can then plan the best place for a road to be built.

Designing the Roads

A surveyor for road construction also has a lot to do with road design. While all roads look quite similar, the design often varies depending on the terrain and the intended use for the road. For example, a long stretch of highway will be constructed differently than a suburban cul-de-sac.

The information provided by surveyors will determine how long and wide a road should be, and also how to work within the contours of the land for the safest and most cost-effective results.

Set-Out of Drainage and Other Services

In most road construction projects, other services will need to be incorporated. These include electrical services, communication lines and of course water. Water management is a key part of road design, particularly in terms of drainage and storm water. A surveyor for road construction will advise the best way to avoid flooding, and also how to build in the required services. This includes sewerage, water mains, and also bridges if required.

Surveyors for Road Construction Set-Out Road Layers

Each layer of a new road needs to be set out carefully before the work begins. A surveyor for road construction will determine the best methods for set out. Essentially, each layer of the road needs to be set out correctly. It also needs to be checked and signed off before moving on to the next layer.

The Best Surveyors for Road Construction

Every road construction project needs the best surveyors. We bring a mixture of skills, experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to every civil works project. We’ve worked on several large-scale roads projects, so when you work with Geosurv, you know you’re getting a team you can trust. Contact us today and find out how Geosurv can help make your civil projects a success.


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