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We impact our community through our work in a number of industries. Our focus to provide our Locating, Surveying, 3D scanning & Access services in all areas of development sees us work on many unique & exciting projects across the East Coast of Australia. Read more below to learn more about the industries Geosurv services & our recent projects in these areas. 

Utilities & Essential Services

Geosurv specialises in providing support to the Utilities & Essential Services sector with a wide range of services. Through the years, Geosurv has contributed our Locating, Surveying & 3D Scanning services through many city wide infrastructure projects. Our works with clients such as Evo Energy & Sydney Water have seen us contribute to the optimal functioning of these services across the country. 

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Civil & Infrastructure

The Geosurv team is dedicated to supporting infrastructure development in Australia. Our engineering surveyors are employed across railways, tunnels, roads, bridges, buildings, earthworks & bespoke projects. Geosurv has been a key contributor for many large projects in both private & public sector, including providing accurate geospatial information for the Sydney Metro project. We employ a range of surveying & 3D scanning as modes for data collection.

Government & Defence

Working on Government & Defence projects requires the highest level of acumen & accuracy. As leaders within the 3D scanning space in Australia, Geosurv offers sub-millimetre precision using the latest systems and technologies. In conjunction with our other services, such as Geosurv Access, we are focused on providing solutions to complex challenges. Our team is appropriately skilled to collect and deliver data within high-risk environments such as confined spaces. Our recent work in the Sydney stormwater system allowed the relevant agencies to map previously unchartered pipelines.


With the ever expanding need for logistics coordination and warehousing Geosurv are experts in the industrial sector having worked with several clients on countless industrial projects all across the East Coast of Australia .  Our Surveyors have extensive experience in running large warehouse projects efficiently.  Our 3D Scanning team are then able to provide the most accurate, cost effective & safest method of data acquisition when surveying as built conditions of the completed projects.

Commercial & Residential

Geosurv offers an extended suite of services to the commercial & residential sectors including cadastral, rezoning, structure planning and asset management. Geosurv prides ourselves on our detailed reporting systems and state of the art technology to assist in all development related decision making. In the commercial & residential sectors, we are truly with you from beginning to end.

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Maritime & Aeronautical

Equipped with the specialised resources to perform surveying and scanning functions within off-land environments, Geosurv assists the Marine & Aeronautical industries by providing dynamic & accurate data collection for unique projects. Our expertise often see us digitise heritage structures, filling gaps in the knowledge of a structure by providing up to date precise information on the as-built conditions. 

Education & Healthcare

Geosurv is a key partner in the establishing works of major healthcare & educational facilities across Australia. Our collaboration suite of services assist in the planning, construction & final identification stages of the project build. Our current involvement in the upcoming Campbelltown Public Hospital sees Geosurv assist in all areas of construction Read our showcase below to learn more about this project. 


There is a multitude of logistics involved within a rail project. Geosurv’s extensive experience working within rail see us assimilate ourselves within a project seamlessly. Our partnerships with Sydney Metro & Transport NSW sees us as the go-to specialist of choice to provide accurate mapping & geospatial data of current, on-going & future works. 





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