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Land Surveyor Sydney: Why You Need Volume Surveys

A land surveyor in Sydney is often the first person on the site of any building project, construction site, development site or civil works site. They survey the land, including the contour, features and boundaries before works commence. They also perform a range of other tasks, and one of those is volume surveys.

Read on to find out more about volume surveys, and why you need them.


What is a volume survey?

Volume surveys are a crucial part of the construction planning process, both before and during construction Land surveyors use state of the art scanning equipment to survey the area. Using this data, detailed 3D models are created. The land surveyor in Sydney then determines how much earth needs to be removed, or how much landfill is required in other areas.

Cut and fill is also monitored after earthworks are completed. Land surveyors also determine how much cut or fill has been removed or deposited into a site. This way, they can ensure the work done matches the plans.

What projects need volume surveys?

Practically all construction, building developments and especially civil construction requires volume surveys. Needless to say, the land you’re building on is never exactly perfect, and that’s why earthworks need to take place. This could involve digging into certain areas, and also building other areas up.

A land surveyor determines how much material should be removed, or added for successful construction.

Do all land surveyors in Sydney perform volume surveys?

Most land surveyors in Sydney should have the skills and equipment to perform volume surveys. For example, our team at Geosurv have access to the most modern scanning equipment, and we’ve got the skills and expertise to deliver accurate information to builders.

Because volume surveys are a key part of all developments, it would be rare to find a land surveyor who is unable to perform this task.

Volume surveys save you time and money

A volume survey is important for safe digging. But they also have another key purpose. That is of course, to save you time and money. By possessing accurate cut and fill requirements prior to breaking ground, builders know exactly how much material to order.

Often, a worksite may require both cutting and filling. Naturally, this allows builders to potentially save money by using cut from one area to fill another.

Want the best land surveyor in Sydney?

Geosurv are your expert land surveyor in Sydney. We’ll save you time and money by giving you the accurate data you need. Contact us today and find out how Geosurv can help make your projects a success.


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