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Our History
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Founded by Michael & Kate Croft back in 2005, learn more about the beginnings of Geosurv.
Where we are today


We can do it all, anywhere. 

Geosurv is built on the foundational value of being with our clients from the very beginning to the finished end of a project.


Over the course of 18 years the business organically expanded to offer a full-service suite of complimentary services. In 2016, Geosurv launched their Locating & 3D Scanning divisions in addition to our best-in-class surveying offering. 2021 saw the further expansion & introduction of our Access division spearheaded by our visionary CEO, Josh Doyle. 

Today, Geosurv stands by our motto "we can do it all, anywhere." Our goal is to serve our clients as a one stop shop for all your Locating, Surveying, 3D Scanning and Access needs. Our highly specialised technical teams are equipped with the expertise and resources to resolve even the most complex of problems. 


We invest in our clients by nurturing & fortifying working relationships to ensure that every project is delivered to the highest standard of excellence. Having gone from strength to strength over the past 16 years, Geosurv continues to hold in high regard the values, community & reputation that has guided our rapid expansion towards becoming the provider of choice across the east coast Australia. 

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Note from our CEO...

Geosurv strives to always be synonymous with being well known and highly respected within our industry.  Over the years that industry reach has grown with the addition of new areas of expertise that provide both a complete solution for our clients and their challenges as well as a platform for our staff to grow in their careers.


I am a firm believer in building up and supporting our team members in their dreams both professionally and personally and am proud to have built and be part of a leadership team that genuinely cares for our people and their families. It is my goal to provide our team with all the support, guidance & momentum needed as we collectively continue to expand our horizons. 


With a team that is sharing the same vision, it makes it easy for us to be committed to partnering with our clients from the very beginning to the end.  We have continued to evolve our quad-discipline business within this rapidly changing industry in order to provide not just a service to our clients but solutions to their unique challenges. At Geosurv, we give the confidence to our clients that we can do it all, anywhere.


Our Leaders


Community & Values


The Geosurv Hearts Values were inspired by our people. 

We Strive for Excellence and are committed to respecting and maintaining strong relationships. We follow the highest standards of Honesty and Accountability and pride ourselves on rewarding Teamwork and loyalty, as well as our growing desire to produce reliable, quality results. Our Underlying beliefs and “Hearts” values are what drive our success and maintain the positive behaviours and attitudes of our business today. 

Geosurv regularly participates in charitable initiatives as our means of giving back to the community. We care deeply for the health & wellbeing of our community, team & future generations to come, and as a business do our part where we can to contribute to purposeful causes. 



Awards & Accreditations


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