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Why Hiring A Surveyor is Critical in Road Construction Projects

Surveying is always an integral part of any construction project whether it’s residential, commercial or civil. This could not be more evident in road construction. From the planning stage to project completion, different tasks are carried out by a surveyor. Road construction projects are always designed & built to guarantee the convenience & safety of motorists. Without the help of surveyors, this will not be possible.

Mapping the best route

Surveyors like us determine the best route for the road, avoiding sharp changes to land elevations as much as possible. To do this, an initial site inspection along with a detail or topographic survey is conducted by a surveyor. Road construction detail survey maps show all the features within & around the area. Moreover, it states the area’s different elevations. With this information, we can advise where the best level placement for the roadway is along with areas to avoid. The best level placement is the location that needs the least amount of excavation & soil relocation. Then an example of areas to avoid include the area near a wetland which can cause the road to cave in. In connection to this, we can also conduct subsurface utility locating to locate any existing subsurface utilities. This helps prevent damages to any utilities underground particularly during excavation.

Preventing road design flaws

Furthermore, the topographic survey we carry out also serves as a base map for the road design. Civil engineers & architects can best determine which materials & methods to use for effective & efficient road construction.

Ensuring quality work during & after road construction

Then upon receipt of the approved road design, the set-out is done by a surveyor. Road construction key points are established using markers based on the approved design during the set-out. The markers serve as a guide for builders during construction. And here at Geosurv, our team can set out 2D or 3D data straight from electronic drawings like a Digital Terrain Model (DTM). Doing this prevents any errors from occurring. We do set-outs of all road layers from sub grade to the final bitumen surface and line-marking. Then after construction, we perform a final as built survey to make sure the construction followed the approved design.

Geosurv Road Construction Surveying Projects

We have provided our services to road & other civil construction projects in Australia’s east coast. Three of these are the Charleyong Bridge & Ashley Drive both in ACT & Sydney Metro in NSW.

Beyond Road Construction Surveying

Other than surveying road & civil constructions, we also offer surveying solutions for all residential, commercial & government infrastructure projects. Some of these are survey strata subdivision, PCA & lease area surveys & 3D scanning & BIM. So, whatever type of land or construction survey a project needs, from a simple peg out survey to a survey strata, Sydney property owners, among others, can count on us. We get each job done with the highest level of service & accuracy. To get a quote, simply call 1300 554 675 or request a quote here.


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