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When Should You Hire Land & Construction Surveyors in Kogarah?

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog posts, surveying a property ensures that building construction projects run smooth & according to plan. It also prevents a lot of problems down the line like costly rework & property disputes. To help you determine when you should hire land & construction surveyors, Kogarah-based like Geosurv, we’ve listed four instances that require a surveyor’s services.

Before purchasing a property

As huge investment goes into purchasing a property, you need to make sure that the dimensions stated in the transfer are correct. The only way to guarantee this is to get a boundary or identification survey. Through this, surveyors map out the exact limits of the property you intend to buy. So, in case the dimensions stated in the transfer are bigger than the actual measurements, you have the opportunity to negotiate the price if you decide to push through with buying the property.

When neighbours complain about property encroachment

If one of your neighbours claims that you’re encroaching on their property, the only way to solve this is to have your property’s limits legally established. That is if you haven’t done so before purchasing the land. This issue typically arises when owners make improvements in their property. Constructing a building extension is an example. Again, this can be addressed through a boundary or identification survey conducted by a land surveyor. Kogarah residents who have their property surveyed before purchasing, as mentioned above, prevent this type of issue from occurring.

Before, during & after construction work

Construction surveyors, Kogarah based, also provide critical data during the entire construction life cycle. With the information we provide the construction project team, they can come up with the best design & plan. Then the markers we establish during a set-out survey serve as a guide for builders once construction commences.

Moreover, through 3D scanning, we help lessen the rework needed during construction. By conducting a daily or weekly scan, the project team can identify any discrepancies with the ongoing work & the design. They can make any corrections needed & prevent it from further affecting the project timeline & budget.

Then once construction is done, surveyors in Kogarah like us perform an as-built survey. This ensures that the construction done was according to the approved design. Furthermore, local government agencies require this to release a property’s Certificate of Occupancy.

During building maintenance plans

Similar to a 3D scan conducted during construction to ensure quality work, the same solution applies to building maintenance purposes. With the level of detail that a 3D scan provides, building managers can see all the issues that need to be addressed. They can have all the necessary repairs done & prevent greater damage to the structure.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, surveyors play a vital role in the different stages of construction along with ensuring good property transactions. So, if you intend to purchase a land or are planning to do any kind of construction, best to hire a surveyor. On that, Geosurv offers solutions for any surveying needs. Whether you need residential, commercial, infrastructure or construction surveyors, Kogarah based or not, we can cater to you as we also service clients in other areas. Particularly, we cater to Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, & Canberra. To get a quote, simply call 1300 554 675 or request a quote here.


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