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What is a Detail Survey Report?

If you’re looking at extending your home, buying a parcel of land or ready to begin building on land, a detail survey report is essential. You may have heard the term before, because you’ll need one for all planning applications. Without a detail survey report, you’ll certainly struggle to get any works approved. But what is it, and how do you get one?

Let’s have a look at exactly what a detail survey report is, and also why you need one.

What is a detail survey report?

A detail survey locates all the features and details on a parcel of land. This includes natural features and also man-made structures. When we talk about natural features, we mean trees, rocks and other types of vegetation. Man-made features include buildings, structures, above-ground utilities, fences, driveways, walls and other landmarks.

A detail survey also looks at the topography of an area, meaning the points of elevation and contours. The actual survey report is confined to the boundaries of the land being surveyed, but adjoining features may also be identified.

Why do you need a detail survey report?

Detail survey reports are a requirement for all planning applications. You’ll need this report if your building on land and also if you’re extending. Councils require this information, so you should always ensure your surveyor is aware of council requirements.

There may also be other reasons you need to locate all of the features on a parcel of land. Having your land valued is one example.

Essentially, they help architects and engineers understand the land they’re working with.

What other types of surveying do I need?

Detail surveys are great, but they don’t cover absolutely everything. They’re great for giving architects are clear image of elevations and other land features, but what about underground?

Utility locating and mapping also plays a crucial role in all types of construction projects. This means finding out where all the underground services are located, and could include things like:

  • Water

  • Electrical

  • Gas

  • Stormwater and sewage

  • Telecommunications

If you were to damage any of these services while digging, you could cause significant issues for yourself and also adjacent properties.

Need the best detail survey reports?

When you’re looking to build or extend and you want the best detail survey reports, give us a call. Our team of qualified experts go over and above the usual detail survey requirements. We’ll also work with you directly to determine your exact needs. This means we can tailor a service package to give your projects the best chance of success. Contact us today and find out how Geosurv can help.


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