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What Do Surveying Companies Do?

Surveying companies in operate in a range of different constructions projects from residential to Government infrastructure. In short, they survey and map out the construction area. Then, they provide builders with all of the necessary information to ensure the project runs smoothly. Ideally, projects are then completed on time and within budget.

Why use surveying companies?

The responsibilities of a surveyor is extremely broad, and every project is a little different. Because no construction project is the same, it’s important to use professional, reliable surveyors to ensure safety, save time and also save money.

Surveying companies can also provide project managers to make every development run as smoothly as possible. The work of a surveyor isn’t just above ground, but also checking utilities and beneath the earth, in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Essentially, surveyors save you time and money because they can identify issues before they become a problem. Avoiding oversights and miscalculations means no costly adjustments, and also means projects are faster and cheaper.

Here’s some of the services a quality surveying company will provide.


For all construction jobs large and small, surveying companies perform bulk earthwork surveys, site set outs, panel set out and erection, and work as executed surveys. They will also complete pre and post pour surveys on form work and concrete.

Roads & Civil

Roads and civil projects are on a much larger scale. Because of this, surveying companies will use robotic systems and GPS to provide the information you need. This can include topographical surveys, storm water set out, volume surveys and also road and bridge construction.

Commercial property

Commercial buildings are big business, and surveyors can help make the construction process more cost-effective. Everything from PCA and lease area surveys through to floor plans, office layouts and fire escape plans can be done by professional surveyors.

Government infrastructure

Needless to say, governments require infrastructure projects to be completed on time and within budget. This is where surveying companies can help ensuring the smooth completion of jobs. No matter the scale of the project, governments will always use surveyors to ensure everything is planned and managed appropriately.

Service locating and mapping

Understanding what lies beneath a parcel of land is integral. Construction teams need to know where all utilities are, such as pipes and electrical. This is done through a range of services such as 3D scanning, ground penetrating radar, and also vacuum excavation. Surveying companies use these non-invasive techniques to help builder plan without needing to dig.

Residential property

Residential property owners don’t always use surveyors, but there’s a lot of reasons they should. Surveying is the best way to understand potential problem, and also solve them beforehand. No surprises means no costly adjustments along the way.

Need the best surveying company in Australia?

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