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The Top Benefits of CCTV Pipe Inspection

Service locators use CCTV inspection to determine & assess the condition of pipelines. We also use it to check any issues such as blockages that can impact the operation of utilities. The method plays a critical role in post-construction assessments & ensuring utilities work.

How does CCTV pipe inspection work?

Before we discuss the benefits, we need to know how CCTV inspection works first. So how do we do it? First, we identify an entry point. Second, we deploy the camera down the pipe & start recording. Once done, we prepare a comprehensive report back at the office based on the recorded footage.

In this method, we use either a tractor or a push camera. Tractor cameras work best with straight pipelines (100 millimetres to 1 metre). Pipes smaller than 100 millimetres require a push camera for the best results. The same goes for those with multiple junctions or bends like house sewers & downpipes.

When do you need one?

A CCTV inspection is usually required to inspect pipelines with the persistent occurrence of any of the following:

  • Water backing up a drain

  • Slow draining of water

  • Unpleasant odours

  • Unusual draining sounds such as a gurgle

Other than these, as mentioned above, CCTV inspections are also conducted for post-construction evaluation purposes.

What are its benefits?

No digging required.

Given the portability of the cameras used, the method does not require any excavation. Hence, it serves as an effective & non-destructive way of evaluating the condition of subsurface utilities. Furthermore, this also means no damage is done to existing structures above or below ground.

It saves you time & money.

Since it does not need any digging, it requires less labour which, in turn, means less expense for clients. Moreover, with the build of the inspection units, service locators like us can cover more pipes in a short time.

It provides real-time visualisation.

We can provide clients with real-time high-quality visualisation of the internal condition of pipelines through the footage we record.

It allows service locators to spot issues quickly.

Due to the real-time visualisation it provides, we can identify issues with pipelines on the spot. These include blockages, collapsed pipes, crushed pipework, location of any foreign objects such as nails & tree roots growing inside the pipe.

It enables better & quicker troubleshooting.

By being able to provide inspection reports sooner, we help clients come up with solutions to any identified issues quicker. Then with the high-quality footage & detailed reports, they can better address the said issues.

It causes less or no disruption to the public.

By covering more ground in a short time & with no excavation required, a CCTV inspection causes less disruption to a service area’s daily operations.

Final Words

With all things said, there are a lot of benefits in conducting CCTV inspections of pipelines. Of which, the greatest benefit is providing a safe & cost-effective method to effectively assess the condition of pipes. And here at Geosurv, we provide CCTV inspections as part of our total service locating solutions. To get a quote, simply call 1300 554 675 or request one online. Pipe services we provide include pipe location & CCTV pipe inspection. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra & surrounds, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane & the Gold Coast are the areas we service. Enquire with us today to work with a team that can get you the most accurate results!


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