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Pre-Construction Surveys that Ensure Safe Building Structures

Ensuring building structures are safe is critical in any construction project, whether it’s residential, commercial or civil. Doing so involves various steps from pre-construction to post-construction. In this post, we will discuss the different pre-construction surveys we carry out to guarantee safe building structures, from height surveying in Australia to flood surveys.

Feature & Level Surveys

We conduct different pre-construction surveys to make sure the construction project team considers maximum building safety during the design & planning stage. These include a feature & level survey in Australia. This is also known as a detail survey. It locates & maps out all the features within a land along with adjoining property information. It also determines the elevations, spot levels & contours off the land. If a project requires more detailed information about the topographical levels of the land, it needs level and/or height surveying in Australia. This survey also identifies the cross fall & slope of an area of land. For each detail or level and/or height surveying in Australia we perform, we refer to the Australian Height Datum (AHD).

  • What is the Australian Height Datum (AHD)?

  • AHD is the database surveyors use to map out the construction of buildings in accordance with sea level measurements.

Detail & level/height surveys are helpful in the design of subdivisions (road, drainage & sewerage). Councils also require these for Development Applications on vacant lots of land.

Flood Surveys

We also conduct a flood survey to see the potential flood risk of a property along with other related issues. Councils mandate getting this survey done for planned developments in flood zone areas. Similar to the surveys mentioned above, a flood survey also relates to the AHD.

Underground Utility Surveys

If the construction project will involve breaking ground, it is a must to conduct an underground utility survey. In partnership with Geosurv Locating, we locate & map out subsurface utilities like pipes & cables. Similar to a detail & level survey, this plays a critical role in the design & planning stage. By knowing the exact location of the utilities underground, the project team can apply the necessary safety measures during construction to build a sturdy structure. Moreover, this also guarantees the safety of workers since they know which areas are safe to do any excavation needed.

Construction Set Out

Moreover, other than conducting the said surveys, we also do construction set out. When setting out, we establish key points in the property based on the approved design. To do these, we use markers. A construction set out aids in ensuring a safe building structure because the markers serve as a guide for builders. This guarantees that work will be carried out according to the approved design which passed safety planning standards.

After Pre-Construction

As mentioned above, ensuring a safe building structure goes beyond the design & planning stage. During construction, surveyors like us can also perform a daily or weekly 3D scan of the site. This assures that the ongoing work follows the approved design. If we spot any discrepancies between the two, the project team can immediately take corrective action. Then upon completion of construction work, we conduct a Work As Executed (WAE) or as-built survey. We do this to inspect & guarantee that the work done followed the Council’s approved design. Occupancy certificates are also only released after a WAE survey has been conducted.

Pre-Construction to Post-Construction Surveying by Geosurv

Here at Geosurv, we provide surveying solutions from pre-construction to post-construction. We cater to any construction project whether it’s residential, commercial or civil. To see the projects we’ve worked on, head on over to our Projects page. So, for ANY land or construction surveying needs such as detail, underground utility or height surveying in Australia’s east coast, were your team. Just call 1300 554 675 or contact us to get a quote. We cater to Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Cronulla, Brisbane & the Gold Coast.


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