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Infrastructure NSW: Surveying for Road and Bridge Construction

Surveyors play a key role in the planning and construction of new roads and bridges. When it comes to infrastructure in NSW, nothing happens without the input of expert surveyors. From the initial detail survey to the final as-built survey, your team of expert surveyors perform a huge range of tasks to keep the projects running efficiently. What exactly do they do? Here’s a brief overview of the types of surveying you’ll find occurring when working on civil infrastructure.

Detail Surveys

Detail surveys are the first step in any civil project, because the land needs to be carefully surveyed. Relevant data such as land contour, land features and topography is gathered during a detail survey. Using data from the latest scanning technology, surveyors create 2D and 3D modelling of the project.

The data collected during detail surveys inform various subsequent aspects of construction.

Volume Control

Volume surveys are particularly crucial when dealing with road and bridge construction. Because the area you’re dealing with is so large, you need to understand the required cut and fill levels. Consider for example, highway construction. Stretched over several kilometres, the amount of land that needs to be removed or filled will vary along the way. Surveyors will map this accordingly and provide the data to construction crews.

Drainage, Water and Services in Infrastructure NSW

When constructing new roads, bridges or any type of civil infrastructure in NSW, water and service management is integral. Surveyors are responsible for locating existing services, but also for the set-out of new stormwater installations.

Civil infrastructure, by its very name, is there to service the people. Therefore, all drainage, stormwater and other services must be carefully planned and set out by experts.

Set Out of Road Layers

Laying new roads isn’t just about putting the bitumen down. There is a complex process to follow, ensuring the roads are functional and up to standard. Surveyors are responsible for the set-out of road layers, starting with the subgrade and ending with the final layer of bitumen. They’re even responsible for ensuring correct line markings according to initial plans.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are required to ensure all works are completed according to plan. These can occur throughout an infrastructure project, for example checking each road layer. As-built surveys will also be conducted along the way to check that all stormwater and drainage services have been built as planned.

Call Geosurv for Infrastructure in NSW

When you want infrastructure projects completed efficiently, you can rely on Geosurv. Contact us today and find out how we can help with civil infrastructure in NSW.


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