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Demand for Surveyors Continues to Rise in Australia

Surveyors play a critical role in the different projects shaping our country. From residential to infrastructure projects, land & construction surveyors, Sydney based or from anywhere else in the country, provide data that is critical to each project. Without the information we provide, legal, social & environmental problems may arise.

Surveying statistics

A report released recently showed that a gap exists between the existing surveyor workforce & the labour requirements. Particularly, there are only around 8,000 surveyors in different specialisations. The current labour requirements need more than 9,000 professionals. Concerning this, the private & public sector continue to put up different construction projects across the country from the West to the East Coast. These include residential, commercial, & infrastructure projects. Thus, the demand for land & construction surveyors, Canberra or Sydney based or anywhere else in the country is only expected to increase over the years.

Why become a land & construction surveyor?

With the demand on the rise, surveying assures job stability for individuals considering it. Moreover, given the great responsibility of the profession, surveying comes with good compensation. In fact, as per The Good Education Group, surveyors have the fourth-highest average starting salary in the country.

Still, other than job stability & higher graduate salary, here are other reasons why surveying is a great profession.

  • We solve & prevent property disputes. We’re known for measuring & mapping out property boundaries through an identification or boundary survey. The data we provide establishes the exact limits of an area. As such, clients who have their property surveyed eliminate the possibilities of legal disputes since they know where their property begins & ends. To this, a registered/licensed residential surveyor, Sydney based (for example) is the only recognised authority in determining boundaries.

  • We contribute to creating safe liveable spaces & infrastructures that deliver. Before construction begins, we conduct a detail survey which maps out all the features of a property, both man-made & natural. These include vegetation & utilities. Then for flood-prone areas, we also conduct a flood survey to determine the flood risk & related concerns. With this critical information, the construction project team can create the best design & plan. Particularly, they can put the necessary safety measures in place.

  • We can spend our days both in the field & at the office. Given our profession, we can be out in the field conducting surveys today then inside the office creating reports tomorrow. Then if we’re lucky, we can be at both places in one day. Being a surveyor allows us to enjoy both the outdoors & indoors.

There are a lot more reasons why surveying is such a great profession. We can go on & on about those. But in a nutshell, we are proud to be surveyors because of what we can contribute to the betterment of society.

Be part of Geosurv!

Our team is always on the lookout for new land & construction surveyors, Sydney based or in any of the other areas we service. These include Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, & Canberra. In relation to this, we’re currently looking for a new construction & land surveyors to join our family.

Share in our commitment to provide the highest level of service to clients. As part of Geosurv, you get to be part of a national company with strong family values. Moreover, not only do you get rewarded with great compensation & other awesome benefits but you also enjoy a positive workplace culture that nurtures personal & professional growth. For more details, check out our job advertisement on Seek.


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