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Survey Strata Subdivision: Sustainability in Strata Complexes

Sustainability is a huge thing these days, with everybody wanting to do their bit for the planet. Businesses are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, likewise individuals want to lower their energy use. Another area that sustainability can, and should become a focus is in strata complexes.

If you’re part of an owner’s corporation, there are plenty of things you can do to increase sustainability. Whether you’re in an existing strata complex or you’re just commencing the survey for strata subdivision projects, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Community sustainability projects

For existing complexes, be it commercial, residential or retirement villages, strata subdivisions can generate a great sense of community. Since the owner’s corporation is responsible for maintenance of common areas, think of ways you can get everybody on board with some sustainability projects.

You might consider establishing a community garden, or maybe a small greenhouse. You could even start a recycled goods area. This might be a dedicated common space where people can leave unwanted, usable household items for people to take as they need. Each month, arrange a delivery of unclaimed items to a local charity.

In larger complexes that have building management systems, you can often obtain real-time data on energy usage. This is a great way to implement some ‘green’ challenges, and get people thinking about their energy consumption.

Energy usage

While we’re talking about energy usage, let’s not forget one of the most problematic issues in shared spaces. Energy usage. As we mentioned, where high-tech building management systems are in place, you have a lot more options in terms of renewable energy and its distribution. So, if you’re developing a new project, consider using these modern building management systems.

In an existing complex, it becomes more difficult. You can of course have solar panels installed on all properties. You can even opt for a shared solar management system, however this can be more costly. Solar energy is a big ticket item for people these days, so you might survey strata subdivision residents to gauge their interested in assisting to fund a solar plan.

Water Usage

Another cost which is difficult to evenly distribute in strata areas is water use. Whatever difficulties you may have in charging individual water usage to residents, you still have sustainability options.

In common areas, use watering systems on a timer. This way you can limit water use to the evenings when you get much more benefit from it. Also, only use native plants as they will need less water.

Survey strata subdivision specialists

Geosurv are the people to call when considering a new strata development. Any such project needs involvement from an experienced team of surveyors. We can assist with planning, design, all stages of development and also with the lodgement of final strata plans. To survey strata subdivision projects and get them running smoothly, contact us today.


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