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Surveying for Sydney Infrastructure Projects

When we talk about infrastructure, it can be a whole range of things. We’re talking roads, water systems, bridges and tunnels. Infrastructure is really anything that benefits the community, so they need to be built properly. Furthermore, planning is of vital importance.

Surveying plays a key role in planning and also building our nation’s infrastructure. Here’s how:

Why do Sydney infrastructure projects need surveying?

With all the different types of surveying listed above, you can see why it’s so important. When planning large-scale construction, the land needs to be carefully assessed for all natural and man-made features. Also, many projects require underground digging, which means surveyors need to identify what services lay underground.

Essentially, surveying is about two main things. Firstly, ensuring the safety of any construction project. Furthermore, surveying ensures smooth construction. With all of the relevant data in the planning stage, re-work and adjustments can be avoided mid-construction. Ultimately, this saves money.

Types of infrastructure surveys

There are many different types of surveys that need to be completed when planning Sydney infrastructure projects. Here are a few:

Topographic surveys: Used to map out the land’s natural and man-made features. A topographic survey is also known as a detail or contour survey, because it shows the contour of the land.

Volume surveys: Most large-scale infrastructure projects require a lot of earthworks. Volume surveys are essential because they tell construction crews how much land needs to be filled in or removed from a work site.

Direct set-out surveys: This involves transferring the design onto the land itself. Using a series of markers, they show construction crews clearly where would should be undertaken.

Stormwater set-out: Stormwater planning needs to be undertaken on any major project. These surveys are a key component of reducing flooding.

Work as Executed (WAE) surveys: A WAE survey is required after construction is finished. This survey confirms the final product aligns with the plans that were approved. These surveys are a requirement from the relevant authority who approved the works.

Reliable surveying for Sydney infrastructure projects

Our team of experienced, registered surveyors are able to conduct all the surveys need for large projects. We can help with planning for new roads, sub-divisions, bridges or tunnels and much more. We’d be happy to talk to you about your upcoming infrastructure projects, so contact us today.


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