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Different Types of Civil Engineers in Sydney

All major civil projects require civil engineers. But you may be wondering exactly what they do. Civil engineering is certainly a broad trade description. This is because it takes in many specialities. So, you may find that certain civil engineers are experts in one or many different disciplines. Here’s all the types of civil engineers required for our modern infrastructure.

Construction Engineers

Construction engineers may hold many different titles, such as project managers or engineering managers. What’s always true though, is these individuals are highly skilled at overseeing large development projects. It could be private work such as office buildings and also residential construction. But it could also be large infrastructure like bridges and airports. These experts oversee the project from start to finish.

Water Engineers

Water engineers can work on a variety of projects in all aspects of water control. Some may work on building dams, and some would rather work on water treatment plants. Water engineers also work to build efficient stormwater systems and help town planners ensure developments are safe in areas at risk of floods. They even work on coastal engineering, focusing more on environmental matters.

Geotechnical Engineers

Most infrastructure projects require geotechnical engineers. They conduct site investigations, perform utility mapping, and provide all required information to developers. Essentially, it’s their job to ensure the land is safe and also that projects are safe for the land. They will also study landslides and earthquakes, researching ways to safeguard towns and cities against such events.

Civil Engineers in Sydney for Architecture

Many civil engineers also have a background in architecture, making them a very valuable resource for builders. They can manage not only the technical engineering aspects, but also work with architects and designers. They are very skilled in coordination, because they often assist in creating sustainable designs as well as managing costs, safety and structural engineering issues.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers put their creativity to the test in every project they work on. They’re tasked with developing and maintaining existing structures, ensuring their safety and structural integrity. This is a varied branch of civil engineering, and structural engineers will work on all types of infrastructure projects. Typically, their work involves a lot of scientific knowledge and also mathematical skill.

Transport Engineers

Transport engineers can work with governments, councils or even in the private sector. Creating transport solutions is their primary role. This may include roads, tunnels and also bridges. Transport engineers apply their skills to support all decisions that affect the way we move around.

The Best Civil Engineers Sydney has to Offer

At Geosurv, we’re skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil engineering. If you’re planning large-scale civil works, you certainly need a team of professionals by your side. For the best civil engineers in Sydney, contact us at Geosurv today.


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