Project Management for Residential Properties can be difficult to understand. We can guide you from beginning to the end and ensure smooth running when planning your next project.

Project Management for Residential Properties

Many new residential properties are constructed every year. And while each project is different, all have one thing in common – they utilise a very intricate construction process. From planning with architects to coordinating with local councils, it can be difficult to understand each aspect of this process without prior experience. Our team of skilled Surveyors have the industry expertise to provide a wide variety of project management services. We can provide a team dedicated to your project to ensure its smooth running. Our team will plan, organise and control the project both efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Project management for residential properties is one of our specialities, and we can help guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Starting Out with a New Project

There are multiple steps that must be taken when starting out a new residential property project. Development Applications must be completed, certifications must be obtained, and negotiations with contractors must be started. This can be complicated without prior experience, which is why many individuals utilise our team of Surveyors to get things started off correctly. By working with the professionals, you won’t have to worry about missing an important step. In addition to this, we can keep you updated on the status of your project.

Our services in this area include initial consultation and planning with Local Councils, submission of Development Applications, Construction Certificates and Compliance Certificate Applications, initiation of negotiations with contractors, supervision of the all construction, lodgement of documentation with relevant government departments and regular and honest reporting on the status of the project.

Frequent Updates and Reliable Surveys

Our team knows that every new homeowner wants to make sure their project is being completed in a timely and affordable manner. Not only can we keep you updated throughout the course of the process, but we can help you ensure that the project moves seamlessly. We conduct the detail or contour survey prior to your build.

When you work with Geosurv Land & Construction Surveyors, you can make your residential property project much easier to manage!

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