A detail survey is used determine and locate the features or details of the land.

A detail survey or sometimes referred to as a contour or topographic survey, is used to determine and locate the features or details of the land. Features include both natural features such as the location of trees, vegetation and rocks, as well as man-made features such as a building and structures, above ground utilities, fences, retaining walls, driveways and landmarks. It determines elevations and spot levels and contours to Australian Height Datum. A detail or contour survey also locates adjoining property information. A detail or contour survey is confined to the boundaries of the land.

Geosurv Land & Construction Surveyors provide high-quality topographical surveys. Call today to get your residential project off to a proper start!

When conducting and preparing this type of Detail Survey, we will consult closely with you to provide anything else that you may require including other relevant features and information on adjoining blocks or streetscape elevations.

We aim to go above and beyond the standard requirements and ensure Clients have everything they need. Our plans will include all necessary information to meet Council requirements and will be provided electronically in both CAD and PDF files for submission to Council and for use by your Designer or Architect.

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Geosurv Land Surveying & Construction Surveyors provide multiple residential surveying services including Topographic Surveys! 



When planning your Residential Project, we can assist you with your Contour Survey to ensure quality, prompt completion times and affordability.

Plan Out Your Residential Project with a Residential Survey Company

Constructing residential properties is a task that has many different and equally important aspects. Not only do clients have to consult with architects, and local councils, but they must also ensure that the physical construction of the structure itself can be done safely given the terrain and surrounding areas.

Taking into account the location of driveways, trees, sewage systems, and other factors must be completed by a qualified Surveyor. They must be carried out before any design for a new residential property construction and should be considered for any type of property renovation.

What is a Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey provides details the property. This detail survey highlights key points such as land dimensions, the location of nearby properties in relation to the proposed structure. Topographical surveys show buildings and other structures, spot levels and contours to Australian Height Datum, location of trees, driveways, fences and retaining walls, drainage, sewer and other services including invert levels, kerb heights, floor and ridge heights, fire hydrants, the location of adjoining buildings, as well as any other visible features on site.One of the main benefits of a contour survey or topographical survey is that it provides these important details before a project is set in motion. This means that builders and clients won’t be surprised during the project and can avoid having to make difficult readjustments concerning unforeseen variables.

Working with a Topographic Survey Company

Many companies conduct detail or contour surveys, and this can prove very valuable for those involved in residential projects. Geosurv can consult closely with those involved in the construction of the structure to help make sure that any relevant information is made available to appropriate parties in a timely fashion.

This helps to ensure quality, prompt completion times, and affordability. Information can be provided to meet local council requirements and industry-standard building guides. Information can be provided electronically or in a variety of formats including CAD and PDF.