Revit Modelling from Point Cloud

The world of construction is constantly evolving with new technologies driving quality and efficiency all while raising the amount of information presented to the client in one location. At Geosurv we strive to give our clients the latest technologies and services, one of these services are 3D models created using Revit.

Revit is powerful on its own however when paired with Point cloud scan data Revit becomes something extremely flexible, here are some services that we can provide from the scan data:

  • 2D Floor plans / Sections / Elevations
  • 3D Revit models – the level of detail will be tailored to your needs
  • Geo referenced models for site planning and positioning.
  • Models that can be used for location/ area and volume analysis.

We are a one stop shop, so all the work from on site scanning to modelling will be done in house. From the moment the job is scanned to the moment the model is handed over you will only need to be in contact with our team. We will provide flexibility and additional information as the project progresses and the scope changes. One of the many advantages of point cloud is that all the information are captured, additions at a later stage become easy and do not usually require additional site visits.  

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