A Strata Title Subdivision defines the space for each lot in a building and can be used for residential unit blocks, villas, townhouses, commercial offices, industrial compounds and retirement villages.

Strata Title Subdivision

A Strata Title Subdivision is a way for one larger piece of land or a building to be divided. But unlike a Torrens Title where the owner is completely autonomous in their control of the land parcel, a Strata Title Scheme means that while the various lots are owned separately, they are ‘units’ and part of a larger group of properties, or a grouped dwelling.

Using Strata titles

Lots in a Strata Title Scheme often include common property that is owned jointly by the various Strata Title holders. Strata Titles are normally devised by Surveyors like Geosurv for residential use in the case of duplexes, single or multi-storey units, townhouses and retirement villages, but Strata Title Schemes are also used for commercial and industrial applications.

The Body Corporate

When Strata Titles are used for a subdivision, a Body Corporate is created and registered as the proprietor of the common property, and overseen by a committee. Basically, everything that falls outside of the walls of the individual lots is common property and laid out in the Strata plan. Some examples of common property are common use areas, driveways, balconies, gardens, roofs, foundations and also things like pipes and wiring, while some units may have ‘exclusive use’ of some common property.

Why you need a Surveyor

A skilled Surveyor will be able to advise you about the ideal subdivision plan, and in the case of a Strata Title Subdivision, prepare the necessary Strata Plan which must be registered and subsequently managed. A Surveyor can also convert existing buildings into a Strata Title Subdivision, but in many cases, Torrens Titles or a Community Scheme may be the appropriate options and only experienced Surveyors like those at Geosurv will be able to advise you.

The Strata Plan

A Surveyor like Geosurv will, as well as doing other things such as surveying work, manage the apportioning of shares of the Strata Scheme among the title holders which are usually based on value, and this Unit Entitlement is then used to calculate respective expenses to be paid by the title holders. The Surveyor will also satisfy the council that building compliance and safety measures are taken care of before lodging the Strata Plan with the Land Titles Office.

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