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What is 3d scanning?

3D laser scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape of an object or a scene. This is achieved with equipment that uses a laser to measure the distance between the 3D scanner and the object. 3D scanning is also known as terrestrial scanning, LiDAR and, in the construction industry, high definition surveying or 3d survey.

As the name point out, scanning is basically an high definition survey, where instead of measuring hundreds of points, the scanner measure hundreds of millions and often even billions of points. The output of the scanner is called “point cloud”. The sheer amout of point create the illusion of a surface, which is easily interpreted by the eye. Here is an examples:

St Paul's Church Manuka

The level of details provided with this method far exceed the one achievable with traditional survey. The density of the points is called resolution and it’s defined as the distance between adjacent points. On an average high definition survey, the resolution might range from 2mm-20mm, depending on the project’s requirement. Here is a close-up to illustrate the level of details that can be achieved:

3D scanning Level of details

The obvious benefit is that laser scan data carries full information, while a survey is limited to the amount of point measured. This allows for more advanced analysis, visualization and avoid potential errors.


  • Incredible level of details that cannot be achieve with other techniques
  • 3D Scanning is more than three times faster than traditional survey methods, which means less time on site, less interruption to the client and quicker results;
  • 3D Scanning captures everything in one snap shot. This eliminates errors and guarantees just one site visit;
  • 3D Scanning produces a 3D model of the subject which is easier to interpret;
  • more efficient and cost effective design and construction process.

Using the point cloud our dedicated team of engineers can create a high quality and high accuracy 3D CAD model:

3D Model

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