Why You Need a Land Surveyor in Brisbane

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On all types of construction and development projects, you’ll see a land surveyor at the site first. They’re the people looking through telescopic machines on tripods, quite literally getting the lay of the land. A land surveyor in Brisbane is integral to the planning, design and construction of all projects. From roads and bridges to residential properties, land surveyors are there.


What does a land surveyor in Brisbane do?

A land surveyor can perform a whole range of tasks depending on the project. Firstly, gathering data on land boundaries is extremely important. Land surveyors the property lines and give a full picture of the land area you’re working with. This also involves topographic surveys which often result in 3D mapping of a land parcel. This allows architects, builders and developers to use the space effectively and also plan appropriately.


Land surveyors will also identify any features on the land, both natural and man-made. Furthermore, there’s almost no limit to the projects surveyors work on. From residential properties to sporting fields and airports, they have an extremely diverse workplace.


Why does land need to be surveyed?

Firstly, architects and builders need to know what they’re working with. By surveying land heights, contours and boundary lines, proper planning can occur. Aside from looking at the land in front of them, a land surveyor in Brisbane also takes into account what lies underground. Service locating and mapping is also part of their job, ensuring builders know where the underground services are. This could be electrical, telecommunications and also water services.


Furthermore, surveyors help you adhere to all town planning codes. They will accurately measure the required building distance from the boundary, for example. Land is also zoned for specific purposes. So, if you’re planning to change a land’s use, you’ll need permits to do so. You certainly won’t be able to get any such approval without proper surveying.


Does a land surveyor in Brisbane need to be licensed?

The short answer is: yes. For any type of building approval, permits or other regulatory requirements, all surveying work needs to be conducted by a licensed surveyor. Also, a licensed surveyor is the only person who can legally mark your property boundaries. This involves checking the adjoining properties also.


While you could proceed with construction without a licensed surveyor, it would certainly be unwise. If there was ever a boundary dispute or problems with planning approval, you wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on.


Want the best land surveyor in Brisbane?

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