When Do I Need Surveying Companies in Brisbane?

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Wondering if you need surveying companies in Brisbane to help with your development? The simple answer is, if you’re unsure, then you probably do. Surveyors are required for a whole host of building and constructions projects. This includes renovating homes to building roads and airports. Here’s a few reasons why you may need to enlist the help of surveying companies in Brisbane.


Buying or Selling Property

This isn’t a legal or essential requirement; however, many property buyers and sellers choose to use surveyors. A surveying company will provide detailed reports on the property, and also the land it sits on. Surveyors give valuable information about the boundaries, land size and any man-made or natural features of the property. For buyers, detail surveys confirm they’re getting what’s been advertised. Likewise, sellers conduct these surveys first to avoid disputes during the sale.


Building a New Residence

Building new homes always requires the involvement of a surveyor. They measure the land and map out the areas used for construction, but also ensure all building codes and planning requirements are followed. Surveying companies will work directly with architects and builders, and also serve as project managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Renovating or Extending on Your Property

Similar to building a new property, renovating or extending your existing home may also require a surveyor. This addresses many issues, particularly in regards to town planning codes and regulations. They will work with architects, designers and builders to ensure the correct distance between the boundary and any new walls. They can also detect underground services, which is crucial for avoiding damage during digging.


Surveying companies in Brisbane for Construction

If you’re developing land for commercial purposes, you will need a surveying company in Brisbane. All types of construction and development works need to be properly planned, and also approved by councils. Surveyors help with this aspect of construction.


Surveyors do everything from mapping underground services, compiling 3D modelling, providing peg out surveys to guide builders. They will even help with floor plans, volume surveys and provide the all-important Work As Executed certificates upon completion.


Surveyors also conduct a range of crucial surveys for the construction of civil infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels and even airports.


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