What’s the Latest: Updates on NSW Infrastructure Projects

What’s the Latest: Updates on NSW Infrastructure Projects

Led by Infrastructure NSW, the State’s Government Construction Leadership Group (CLG) released the NSW Infrastructure Pipeline last year. It outlines the infrastructure proposals both underway & planned by the State Government. All of these projects aim to cater to the increasing demand of the growing population. Fast forward to today, how are these doing? Let’s take a look.

Infrastructure NSW & the State’s Efforts

Before we move to the updates, here’s a quick background on Infrastructure NSW & the State’s efforts. Infrastructure NSW is an independent statutory agency established in 2011. They assist the State in the identification & prioritisation of essential public infrastructure projects. As part of this, they develop a 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS) & submit it to the Premier. Afterwards, the agency reviews & updates the SIS every five years. The latest Strategy released is the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018–2038. And to keep everyone informed, the agency publishes supporting documents like the NSW Infrastructure Pipeline.

Infrastructure Project Updates

In relation to that, here are the latest updates on some of the NSW Government infrastructure projects:

  • Sydney Metro – Tunnelling for the 66km standalone metro railway system is done for Northwest & is underway for the Sydney CBD.
  • Ballina High School – With the project commencing last 2017, the Government completed the new addition to the existing Ballina High School site early this year.
  • Junee Correctional Centre – The expansion is currently underway with a renewed target completion date of early 2020.
  • Eurobodalla Hospital – The hospital’s redevelopment project is currently under the Strategic Planning phase.
  • Warragamba Dam – The project to raise the dam to mitigate flood risk is currently under Initial Development with a target completion date of 2024.

These are only a few of the projects undertaken by the NSW Government.  You can visit the NSW Government Infrastructure Projects Pipeline to get a detailed list.

Geosurv’s Contribution

Geosurv is both honoured & grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the Government to advance the State’s infrastructure projects, particularly the Sydney Metro Project. As Australia’s largest public transport initiative, the State Goverment aims to meet the public’s growing demand for convenient, safe & speedy transportation through the Project. And addressing this doesn’t come without challenges. One of those was buildings/structural deformation & surface settlement monitoring surveys.

To address this, the Geosurv government infrastructure project surveyor team conducted the following:

  • Careful planning & in-depth analysis of each monitoring zone along the project alignment
  • Control survey & design of survey control networks (first & secondary order networks). The design allows for both long-term preservation & repetitive surveys.

With the solution our government infrastructure project surveyor team implemented, the Sydney Metro project team gained a thorough understanding of important data. These include characteristics like:

  • varying meteorological/atmospheric conditions
  • natural elastic deformation; and
  • heave & subsidence of buildings and pavement surfaces and its effect on a precise survey network.

Surveyors at Your Service

Whether a project requires a residential property, commercial property, civil works or government infrastructure surveyor, Australia can trust in Geosurv. Our licensed & highly-competent land surveyors bring with them a wealth of knowledge & experience in the projects they undertake. To get a quote for your land surveying needs, give us a call at 1300 554 675. You may also send an email to info@geosurv.com.au.

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