What Do You Get Out of A Land Survey?

If you’re new to surveying, it is the act of determining, measuring and recording the area and features of a piece of land or points of interest within the Earth’s surface. It is carried out by surveyors with different specialisations. In this article, we will talk about land surveys as conducted by a residential surveyor. Wollongong along with other cities and towns around Australia have established firms like Geosurv who cater to this. Through its various types, a land survey provides great benefits to property owners like you from determining limits to aiding in precise planning and development. Read on to know more. Maps out limits

Through a boundary land survey, you will learn exactly where your property starts and ends. You will also see easements or areas within your land which other people can use or enter. Similarly, a peg out survey will also show you the limits of your property particularly its four corners as marked out by a residential surveyor. Wollongong residents benefit from this particularly when they want to install a new fence or build an extension. Provides a clear picture

A land survey provides a clear picture of your property. A detail land survey shows all the features within and adjacent to your land. These include natural and man-made features. These will be mapped out by a residential surveyor. Wollongong surveying firms like Geosurv use proper equipment to perform a detail survey or any type of land survey for that matter. Contributes to precise planning & development

In connection with the aforementioned benefits, a land survey aids in the planning and development to be done. By providing accurate data on the boundaries and elevation of a land among others, surveyors help builders, engineers and architects create precise plans and perform their work without worrying about encroachment issues. This is why development and construction firms partner with a reliable residential surveyor, Wollongong based or otherwise.

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