Utility Location for Residential Development: How Does It Work?

Utility Location for Residential Development: How Does It Work?

Accurate utility location for residential development is often one of the first crucial steps before any actual excavation or construction. This is for damage prevention, better planning, lower costs and a safer working environment.

Professional utility locators will accurately determine the locations of water pipes, drains and sewer lines, electrical cables and telecommunication lines. They provide the latest and updated information instead of just relying on historical records. To accomplish this, they use electromagnetic and/or ground penetrating radar technologies.

Before building apartments and other residential structures

Construction planning starts with studying the site and identifying the risks. One of the things that present the highest risk is the underground. Failure to identify the subsurface risks can spell injuries, disasters, delays and legal fines.

That’s why engineers and developers choose experienced utility locators for the job. These professionals can accurately determine the positions of all the underground utilities. These will then give information about which areas to avoid when digging. This will in turn prevent damages and worker injuries once digging commences.

Whether it’s for a low- or high-rise residential building, it’s crucial to determine and mitigate the risks surrounding the project (including the subsurface infrastructures). These risks are often hidden from view and can be hard to pinpoint, which is why developers only hire the best for the utility mapping.

Cost savings and continuous progress

Proper and accurate utility location also leads to cost savings on the long term. Imagine a worker accidentally hitting the main electricity line. This will result to a temporary halt of the project. Each day of delay leads to higher costs. More importantly, it will result to complaints from the community. Legal fines and bad reputation will likely result from just one small negligence.

To avoid that scenario, utility locators provide a complete picture of all the subsurface utilities and structures. This would guide the engineers when planning and the crew when they start digging. They will know which areas to avoid and take extra care.

Utility location for residential development

Before excavation and construction (especially in crowded/urban areas such as Sydney and Melbourne), residential developers choose One Search Locators. Our certified Service Locators provide fixed rates. They also arrive on site within 24 hours upon the client’s request.

Call us today at 1300 530 420 if you need an accurate, fast and professional utility location service in Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong and Newcastle.

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