University of Canberra Public Hospital Project

University of Canberra Public Hospital crane to be named by children

Canberra’s kids have been called upon to use their craniums to name equipment building the city’s new hospital.

ACT Health and construction company Brookfield Multiplex have left the name of a crane that will tower over the University of Canberra Public Hospital site in the hands of the city’s children.

The winning name will adorn the crane and greet commuters passing on Ginninderra Drive from as early as next month.

There’s little risk of a “Boaty McBoatface”-style drama over the name, however; rather than leaving the choice of winner at the mercy of the internet, a panel will decide the name under which the crane will be christened.

All six to 12-year-olds in the ACT are eligible to compete for the naming rights, which will be announced in the second week of June.

The name will be posted just below the cabin of the crane, which when upright will reach a height equivalent to eight single-deck buses stacked on top of one another.

Crane-naming competitions have become something of a hospital construction quirk in recent years.

“Doc” and “Flo”, named for doctors and Florence Nightingale, are building the Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest in Sydney.

In Wagga Wagga, entries to name a similar crane building that city’s hospital redevelopment close on Monday.

Further north, a science teaching building at Townsville’s James Cook University also looked for naming suggestions for their equipment. Other competitions have been held in Randwick, Bendigo and Cairns.

Construction on the Canberra University Public Hospital, which will be at the corner of Aikman and Ginninderra drives in Bruce, began earlier this year.

The hospital is expected to be finished in 2018 and the crane will be needed for most of the construction period.

It is the first building in part of a planned health precinct in the north-western corner of the University of Canberra’s Belconnen campus. (Source: