The Types of Surveys Every Construction Site Needs

Every construction site in Australia should be safe from hazards. It should be smooth and efficient so there are no delays in the project. It should be directed by a project manager who coordinates with all the trades, suppliers, and deliveries. It should also be planned out as much as possible before first ground is ever broken. Typically, this is done by making use of surveys to ensure the whole process runs as efficiently as possible.

Here are a few different types of surveys that can supercharge any construction site.

Topographical Survey

In the most basic terms, the topographical survey lists and records every feature of the construction site, above ground and below, before any work actually begins. It lists and measures the distances of the site, the proximities to surrounding buildings, measurements of overhangs, natural features like trees and scrub, and details the contours of the land. Its purpose is to allow for as much planning as possible before ever getting on site. Cranes and excavations, deliveries and earthworks can all be arranged according to what the topographical survey details.

Flood Survey

Many of Australia’s properties are located in flood zones, and need to be categorised and surveyed according to the Australian Height Datum.  The flood survey determines the actual risk due to the lay out of the land. It takes into account low lying areas, natural breaks in the land, and drainage solutions to major concerns. In some cases, a licensed flood survey permit might be required before any works can proceed on the site.

Identification Survey

Before any sale of property, Australian law requires an identification survey to be conducted on the parcel of land in question. It identifies and labels the property, details accurate measurements of the building on site, and gives a detailed description of the works done to the site already. It’s mainly used as a way to prevent land disputes and to ensure that the buyer is getting the land they are paying for.

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