Town and Country Planning: Importance of Accurate Surveying

Town and Country Planning: Importance of Accurate Surveying

Proper town and country planning is essential to progress. Optimisation of road networks, proper zoning and environmental protection are some of the things that will result from well-thought out plans.

For instance, the optimised placement of new roads can facilitate faster and more efficient trade. This results to the growth of businesses and possible creation of new jobs for the community.

To accomplish all these, accurate surveying is essential in the first place. After all, accurate planning only results from accurate information gathered from surveys.

The use of 3D laser scanning

Aside from measurements, accuracy also results from modelling, visualisation and interpretation of data. If engineers can easily visualise the project, it will become easier for them to spot errors and create a sound plan.

This is where 3D laser scanning comes in. The data points can generate an accurate 3D model of the environment. This will help in easier collaboration or even modification of any existing plans.

This also means less time on site visits. This results to faster progress and more focus on the engineers’ other important activities.

Faster decision making

A 3D model also leads to faster decisions. Right when the model is available, engineers can quickly decide on the changes needed. Other stakeholders can also easily see what will be the future of a particular site.

The design process will also be faster. Engineers and other professionals will be able to collaborate in real time. The changes to the plans will also be easier to visualise and further modify.

Town and country planning Newcastle

Whether it’s for a small or large community, accurate planning is essential in boosting an area’s economy. That’s why here at Geosurv, we prioritise accuracy and create 3D models for engineers to use.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with cost-effective surveying solutions.

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