Topographic Surveying Wollongong for Accurate Base Mapping

As one of the most populous and developed areas in Australia, Wollongong construction projects require accurate topographic surveying. This type of survey is essential in:

  • Creating an accurate base map
  • Showing the zoning of different locations
  • Meeting local council requirements
  • Adhering to industry-standard building guides

What is a topographic survey?

Before the commencement of any major construction project (including roads and civil works), we have to accurately assess the existing features where the building is to be constructed. We also have to assess the features of the surrounding lands and structures.

This is where a topographic survey is valuable. It provides useful information on the visual features of the surface of the earth where the building is to be constructed. These visual features include natural ground contours and man-made structures.

This is important in the proper design of any commercial or civil work. Accurate information from a topographical survey can help project owners prevent future readjustments, thereby preventing unnecessary costs.

Importance in flood risk assessment

Aside from proper design and planning, topographic surveys are also valuable in assessing flood risks. The possibility of flooding is actually a combination of different factors such as:

  • Heavy rains and climate profile of the location
  • Effectivity of the drainage system
  • Topographic features of the site and surrounding areas

Both existing records from the authorities and accurate site inspection are valuable in flood risk assessments. When it comes to site inspection, topographic surveys can provide you information about your site’s elevation relative to the sea level (which is important in coastal areas). You can then assess the risks and introduce counter-measures to minimise the damages.

Topographic surveying Wollongong

At Geosurv, we perform accurate topographic surveying. We also prepare flood surveys to help project owners assess risks.

Contact us today and tell us the description of your project.

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