The Role of Land Surveyors in Sydney Constructions

The Role of Land Surveyors in Sydney Constructions

The construction industry in Australia is one of the most stable industries to get into. In particular, there has been a rapid rise of construction-related professions including engineering, architecture, project management, and surveying in Sydney and the rest of the country since the 1980s.

Speaking of surveying, becoming a land surveyor is among the most sought-after fields of expertise. Why? Because it is one of the most important roles in construction and development.

Responsibilities of land surveyors

Identification of property boundaries

Before any construction work, land surveyors are hired to map out the boundaries of a property to make sure work to be done will be within limits. They do this through a boundary survey. In this type of survey, measurements need to be as accurate as possible. After they survey the property, they create a drawing which can include the following:

  • Lot dimensions. These show the exact property lines. These are taken from the deed, survey drawings & subdivision plats.
  • Easements. The land surveyor can also include easements in the drawing. These are areas which non-property owners can use within the land.

Checking public records & documents

In conjunction with the mapping boundaries, land surveyors also conduct research & check public records such as deeds, maps &  other legal records.

Identification & mappping out features on and adjacent to a property

A land surveyor may also do topographical surveying in Sydney constructions depending on the needs of the project. This helps other building industry professionals like engineers, architect & builders perform their job properly with the data topographical surveying in Sydney provides. It allows them to plan accordingly.

Construction set out

After the architect produces the final design/drawing, surveyors need to transfer that design into the land. They establish key points within the property & set up markers. Later on, builders use these as their guide during construction.

Collaboration with other building industry professionals

As briefly mentioned above, land surveyors provide vital information about a property that aids in the different aspects of construction particularly design & planning. Once the project architect has the information he needs, they can create the design. The same goes for the engineer, they can determine the materials needed. And with these finalised, the construction cost estimator or quantity surveyor can use the data produced as a basis for the structural design, quantity, and quality of construction materials needed so the project can move forward.

Importance of surveying in construction

With all things said, surveyors play a critical role in any construction project in Sydney or anywhere else for that matter. And here at Geosurv, we conduct different types of land & construction surveying depending on the project requirements. We make sure to deliver and aid in making the entire construction process as smooth as possible. When we work with you, we become part of your team. One team. One goal.

Any requests were completed quickly, which helped improve the efficiency of the construction process and cycles.” – Tarek Helmy of Ganellen

As one of our clients has said, not only do we perform our services as best we could but we also make sure to provide great customer service by adjusting to their needs.

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