The Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Land Surveying Company

The Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Land Surveying Company

Land surveying is an integral part of any development or construction project here in Australia. Surveyor jobs are incredibly diverse. Projects include analysing land for agricultural use or for improving infrastructure, mapping out residential, industrial and commercial developments and even examining archaeological sites.

Knowing how critical surveying is, it must only be done by a professional land surveyor. Australia is teeming with countless firms with professional surveyors, in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.

A lot of surveying companies, Brisbane-based, for example, can be found online and in the yellow pages. While all companies assure quality service with their pool of professional surveyors who have undergone training & have the right qualifications, there are still some other factors to consider when hiring one.  Only land surveyors with a high standard level of work must handle the necessary tasks since development & construction projects are costly.

Selecting the right firm will save time and resources. It also averts possible financial and legal issues down the road. The extremely complicated and highly technical services performed by land surveyors are the bases of how a development or construction project will be carried out, making it imperative that you choose a professional and reputable firm.

This handy guide mentions the things to consider when choosing the right surveying firm. This also cites some subtle (but invaluable) traits that may also become the determining factor.

Use of advanced & sophisticated land surveying instruments

Land surveying requires precision. To guarantee this, a company should utilise sophisticated surveying devices. Electronic distance and angle measurement equipment coupled with a global positioning system (GPS) outperform the traditional transit and tape approach, and these instruments result in efficient, accurate and cost-effective land surveys.

However, sophistication extends beyond the hardware used. To satisfy a project’s requirements, the company should also provide a wide range of surveying services, careful integration between those and comprehensive record management.

Great track record

Although all land surveyors must be licensed in Australia, surveyor license alone does not ensure high-quality service, just as a driver’s license does not guarantee that each driver is a great one. Seek suggestions from other construction experts. Look for an award-winning company with a proven track record of delivering accurate services and exceeding client expectations.

As land surveying also costs money, it is best to check client reviews first and seek recommendations prior to booking a company. Protect your investment and get your project started on the right foot by selecting only a company with excellent recommendations and award-winning job history.

Reasonable costs

Yes. Reasonable. Not cheap. It might be tempting to go with the lowest-priced estimate you get, but the adage “You get what you pay for” is also applicable in land surveying. If you find yourself comparing three estimates and see one that is incredibly cheap, it may just be too good to be true. Inaccurate surveys will result in expensive long-term mistakes.

As you consider cost, keep in mind that survey estimates differ depending on many variables including location, terrain, parcel size, type of survey, accessibility, time of year, vegetation and the necessary level of detail, among others. For example, land surveyors in NSW rates are higher compared to Queensland’s surveying companies. Brisbane has a lower demand in the construction industry compared to Sydney.

Final words

As we’ve mentioned, a professional & accurate land survey is critical in any development or construction project. So, you must do your research before booking the services of surveying companies. Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne all house professional surveying firms. You can use this list to help you narrow down your choices. Look for a good track record, proven solutions, and fair pricing.

Here at Geosurv, we are proud to say that we use the latest technologies and apply our in-depth knowledge to conduct our services. Not only that, we also see to it that we are with our clients from Day 1 to Day Success. Thus, we aim to provide not just precise & cost-effective surveying solutions but also dedicated customer service.

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