We are fortunate to work with the best in the Construction Industry. We pride ourselves on our strong client focus. When we work with you, we become a part of your team. One team, one goal.

“Geosurv’s quick response, capabilities and attention to detail on the TOLL Preston’s Project was outstanding. No task was ever too hard and RCC knew they had the trust in every surveyor that attended site. Geosurv’s documentation was always first class and presented in a timely manner. I would not hesitate recommending Geosurv after the performance RCC received on the TOLL Preston’s project. Geosurv would be a significant asset as a project partner on your next project.”

Phil Borg, Site Manager

“It was a pleasure to have Geosurv as part of the team for the Poly Horizon project.  The way that Geosurv structured the responsibilities between the field staff and office based staff helped to expedite all the onsite deliverables to Ganellen.  Any requests we made were completed very quickly, which helped improve the efficiency of the construction process and cycles.  The service provided on that project was so valuable that we have continued to use Geosurv on the next projects, and would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Tarek Helmy, Project Manager

Geosurv saved us from terrible future problems.

“I had to check the levels urgently on the form work for a garage slab before the concreters could pour – because once the slab is poured, you can’t fix a mistake.

The level of the slab had to be slightly higher than the level of the footpath as the council requires a 3% fall away from the house – so we needed to make sure the form work was high enough to give council the required fall and to prevent any issues with water pooling or falling back into the garage.

Geosurv realised how urgent it was and immediately sent a surveyor to check the levels. He plotted the survey points and explained what the levels on the kurb and form work were, and what they had been on the original plans, and how far out we were.

Based on Geosurv’s new survey, we could make an accurate decision to raise the level of the form work in order to get the correct fall to the road as required by council – not just on the slab but later for the adjacent footpath.

If we had not called Geosurv, we would not have known to raise the level of the slab – and we would have had terrible problems later when fixing the footpath and the driveway.

Geosurv saved us from terrible future problems. Getting an emergency survey check before we poured the concrete was the best decision.

Thank you Geosurv for your prompt and excellent service, we would have had terrible issues if it hadn’t been for you.” 

Residential Customer, Sydney