What Does it Take to Be a Licensed Surveyor?

When a construction site is operating at full speed, things can happen quickly. A project manager plans and organises the many different aspects of the job itself, including hiring the different subcontracts and making sure everything is running according to schedule. The construction manager oversees the work on the job site itself. But who does the planning beforehand to make all of this possible? The licensed surveyor.

They have an important role to play in the operation and efficiency of a job site. So, what does it take to become a licensed surveyor?

Dedication to Precision

Precision is an essential part of the role of a surveyor. Construction sites rely on their plans and surveyor’s markings to create a building that is strong, safe, and built to the dimensions laid out by the architect. To take that drawing and convert it to a physical object requires plenty of planning and precision. This is where the licensed surveyor comes in.

They take the measurements on site and mark them out for the various trades and crews that rely on them for their jobs. Excavators needs to know the precise depth they’ll dig to lay foundations and excavate earth. Crane operators need to know the limits of the buildings around them to crane in supplies and materials. Underground electrical wires and pipelines need to be identified to keep everyone safe on site. That all happens because of the precision of the licensed surveyor.

Experienced on Site

In a complicated job site, an experienced surveyor has the knowledge and understanding of how each trade uses the plans to their own purposes. Often, surveyors have experience in other trades before changing careers into surveying. They know how sites run, and how to make them more efficient. They understand the complicated job of coordinating the efforts of a dozen crews. They understand the safety requirements to keep everybody on site free from potentially life threatening hazards.

Regulated and Qualified

Each licensed surveyor has to go through rigorous training to ensure that they are familiar with the construction site, that they understand safety regulations, they know how to operate their high-tech equipment, and that they can read and evaluate construction plans.

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