Surveying in Wollongong Construction Projects

Surveying in Wollongong Construction Projects: Is It Really Necessary?

From planning to completion, Wollongong construction projects should involve surveyors. This ensures other building industry professionals like engineers, architects & builders can do their work properly. From residential to commercial to civil projects, different surveyors provide critical data at all stages, from Building to Quantity to Construction Surveyors. Wollongong property owners should not skip surveying as this may lead to costly problems later on.

Surveying in Wollongong Construction Projects: Is It Really Necessary?

Land Surveying

As mentioned, the data surveyors provide is important in all stages of construction. That said, land surveyors are the very first people to go on-site. Why? To do any planning, professionals like architects need information (particularly property measurements) from a Land Surveyor. Wollongong authorities also only issue permits once they have received all required documents. And some of these documents can only be produced with the information given by a Land Surveyor. Wollongong residential property owners also avoid legal disputes down the road by carrying out a land survey. Knowing the exact measurements & boundaries with a document to prove it prevents any encroachment complaints from neighbours. A boundary survey done by a Residential Surveyor (Wollongong-based) is particularly helpful with this one. As a result, property owners can confidently undertake any development or construction project because they know their limits.

Speaking of, land surveyors recommend a 3D topographic land survey over the traditional 2D version when feasible. It enables the best planning possible as it allows property assessment in any angle with 3D Modelling. Wollongong building industry professionals like architects & engineers affirm this.

Subsequently, surveyors conduct a set-out survey upon the completion of the final design. In a set-out survey, key points are established within the property by Construction Surveyors. Wollongong builders use these as their guide to make sure they work within boundaries & according to the final plan.

Surveying in Wollongong Construction Projects: Is It Really Necessary?

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying deals with anything related to construction costs. By its namesake, a Quantity Surveyor who is also known as a Cost Manager or Construction Economist conducts this. In a nutshell, they ensure that the construction stays within budget. If changes occur, it goes through them first for valuation. Then once a project wraps up, they usually produce depreciation schedules & provide advise on replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes.

Surveying in Wollongong Construction Projects: Is It Really Necessary?

Building Surveying

A building survey is another critical survey for any construction project. A Building Surveyor makes sure that the work underway is properly done. That it follows building guidelines such as the Building Code of Australia along with other applicable legislation & requirements in Wollongong. For this reason, they need to sign off for the construction to move forward.

Afterwards, they conduct a final inspection upon project completion. And if everything is good, they release the Certificate of Final Inspection or Occupancy Permit depending on the project’s nature.

Final Words

From cost estimation to building safety to construction, surveyors (Wollongong-based or not) play an integral role in construction projects. Without them, encroachment, safety & unexpected costs may arise, among others. And here at Geosurv, our licensed & highly-experienced surveyors are always ready to help you avoid these risks & ensure the success of your project.

We cater to any land & construction surveying needs whether it’s residential, commercial or civil. Give us a call at 1300 554 675 today to get a quote. You may also send an email to

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