Surveying for Construction: The Importance to Builders

Surveying for construction is one of the critical aspects in the planning and design of many projects. This is important for small and large construction projects for:

  • Residential developments
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Subdivisions (from 2 to 1,000 lots)

Why is construction surveying important?

Surveying provides essential information for planning and design of construction projects. Specifically, it provides information about markers and reference points to guide the new construction (this can also include restoration and renovation) of buildings.

Aside from serving as guides, those reference points and markers will also determine the limit of the work area. This will properly determine the scope of the project. In addition, these will aid in the compliance to council requirements and regulations.

Scope of work, benefits

Accuracy in determining the reference points and markers are essential in the planning and design phase of construction projects. Furthermore, surveying is also important in verification of the work (confirming that the project followed plan specifications).

From commencement up to finalising the project, gathering relevant and accurate information through surveying is important. That is why aside from determining the reference points and markers, surveying can also include:

Surveying for construction Canberra

Construction surveying has many phases. Accuracy and precision are important for successful project completion and compliance to council requirements.

That is why at Geosurv, we provide a wide range of construction surveying services with a focus on accuracy, precision and council and project owner requirements.

We utilise advanced tools and methods for accurate surveying. We also perform quick surveying for faster results. This will help you initiate a faster progress for your project.

Contact us today and our experienced team of surveyors will study your project.

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