Survey Services for Construction: How to Minimise Errors

Need survey services for your construction project? Many builders and developers in Australia take the time in choosing a surveying firm. One main reason is that surveying is a critical part of any construction project.

Professional and accurate surveying helps in:

  1. Minimising chance of errors during construction of a new building
  2. Minimising delays and unnecessary costs
  3. Ensuring the structure is completed in a safe manner


Actually, the last 2 items result from item 1 (minimising chance of errors). That’s why builders and developers want to ensure there are minimal errors during the planning and the actual construction.

But how do you minimise those errors? Here are a few things you should consider before selecting a surveying firm:

Understanding of industry-standard guidelines and laws

Surveying and construction require high standards. One reason is that substandard practices will result to unnecessary delays and costs (which can reach up to millions depending on the project).

That’s why the surveying firm should have a strong understanding of industry-standard guidelines and laws. This way, you will avoid errors during the planning and prevent mistakes during the construction.

Understanding of the local market and regulations

Different locations might have different needs and regulations. That’s because the policies can differ, which is why it’s important that the surveying firm should be familiar with those differences.

Failure to comply with the local regulations could result to expensive and time-consuming legal problems. In addition, the whole establishment would gain a negative reputation.

Commitment to continuous training

Surveying continuously evolves. There are always new regulations and policies about surveying and worker safety. Also, there are new techniques and tools being developed to make surveying more reliable and accurate.

That’s why continuous training is essential. This way, the surveyors will stay up to date and deliver better results to clients.

Survey services in Canberra, Adelaide and other locations

At Geosurv, our team undergoes regular training. They’re always up to date about the industry guidelines and policies. They’re also knowledgeable about occupational health and safety.

If you need survey services in Canberra, Adelaide or other parts of Australia, contact us today

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