Strata Planning Wollongong: How a Surveyor Can Help

Strata Planning Wollongong: How a Surveyor Can Help

Strata planning is important in residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas. Often, this is for use optimisation of the available land and creating clear boundaries for various purposes.

This is also valuable in setting up a reasonable price for a particular land area. In any given subdivision, there will be more desirable areas (perhaps near the roads or a high end neighbourhood). Proper planning and surveying can help best accomplish this task.

Surveying for strata title subdivision

Professional surveyors can help you create an ideal subdivision plan. Whether a certain land area is for residential or commercial use, you will be sure to have an optimised plan.

Skilled surveyors can advise you how to best subdivide your lots for various purposes. They can also advise you about proper assignment of values to each lot. In other words, you will get the most out of your property in terms of space and value.

About the legal requirements for Development Applications

Aside from creating an ideal subdivision plan, surveyors can also assist you with some of the legal requirements. This is because new establishments should not be causing problems to surrounding structures. In addition, new establishments must be in line with existing electrical, sewage, water and other utilities.

The requirements and other documentation can be quite demanding, which is why surveyors should also assist you with this task. This way, you will be certain that you’re complying with requirements. This is also a recommended way to prevent problems in the future.

Strata planning Wollongong

Here at Geosurv, we help clients create the ideal subdivision plan. Our client-focused team aims to minimise costs while maximising value for our clients.

We also take care of Development Applications. We ensure proper documentation and compliance with Council regulations and building codes. You will be sure to have the necessary papers to continue on with your plans.

Contact us today for your land surveying needs (including strata planning and legal requirements). We provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

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