Site Surveying Brisbane: Why is Ground Penetrating Radar Important?

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Here at Geosurv, we consider ourselves to be the best experts in site surveying Brisbane has to offer. For that reason, we want to share with you some thoughts on why ground penetrating radar (GPR) is essential for all construction projects. Whether you’re starting a project from scratch or demolishing for refurbishment, GPR will help you avoid seriously costly mistakes.


What is ground penetrating radar?

Ground penetrating radar locates non-conductive services underground, without digging. Where normal radio detection services can only locate conductive services, GPR gives a much more accurate picture of what lies beneath the surface.


Essentially, GPR units are like metal detectors – but on steroids. Your average metal detector emits around 17 frequencies into the earth, and when metal is located the machine gives off a sound. GPR technology, however, sends millions of frequencies into the ground. This allows for the generation of visual data, showing a clearer picture of underground objects.


What can GPR detect?

GPR detects changes in the composition below the surface. For example, a PVC pipe will have a different composition than soil. Previously excavated and filled in areas of earth will also appear different.


Ground penetrating radar is used for all types of underground service mapping. This includes as pipes, gas and power lines, telecommunication lines, underground cabling and even voids or spaces in the earth. It will also analyse the thickness and structural integrity of concrete and asphalt.


We should note that GPR does not always determine exactly what lies beneath the surface. It doesn’t create imaging – rather detects changes in composition. It’s up to expert operators to assist in the actual identification of objects.


Why is GPR essential for site surveying Brisbane?

When starting a construction project, it’s essential you know what lies beneath the surface. Not only do you need to understand the integrity of the earth, but also the services underneath. In most areas around Australia, you’ll find underground services such as electrical, telecommunications and even water/wastewater management pipes.


GPR is a non-destructive way to determine what lies in the sub-surface, because no digging is required. Damage to underground services during digging can affect large areas around the site. For this reason, no construction project should go ahead without first locating all services buried beneath the ground’s surface.


Looking for site surveying in Brisbane?

For construction and infrastructure projects, accurate data planning is essential. That’s why you need the best site surveying Brisbane has to offer. Our trained experts are equipped with the latest technology and the skills to conduct GPR services before you start digging. To find out more about how we can get your construction projects started on the right foot, contact us at Geosurv today.

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