Does Your Site Need a Surveying for Flood Risk Assessment?

Does Your Site Need a Surveying for Flood Risk Assessment?

Does your site require a surveying for flood risk assessment? Is it necessary to determine the risk of flooding for your new residential development project?

There are certain areas in Australia where there’s a higher risk of flooding. It could be because of the land elevation (relative to sea level), topographical features and flow of water. It could also be because of small- and large-scale drainage problems in a particular site.

How do you determine those risks and prevent the problems? One sure way is to ask a professional land surveyor to conduct an assessment on your site.

What are the possible costly damages?

If there were no flood risk assessment performed, the residential area will be exposed to risks. This in turn can lead to massive property damage during flooding. In addition, the residents and tenants might leave the area. This will in then ruin the reputation of the project developer and the real estate company.

Professional surveyors prevent these problems by accurately determining the level of risks. If you have accurate information about the risks, you’ll be able to mitigate those risks for the long term. As the project manager or developer, you will avoid costly damages (and possibly legal issues) for the years to come.

Before buying a residential property

It’s common to visit a site during a good weather. It’s convenient and there seems to be no problem on the site. However, it’s a different scenario when there’s heavy rain or the sea level rises. The area might get flooded during those times.

Professional surveyors will identify the risks by:

  • Seeking information and records from authorities
  • Performing a site inspection

The risks are not always obvious unless the unfortunate event occurs. On the other hand, professional surveyors can identify those risks by using modern tools and assessments during surveying.

It’s also the case when you’re planning to redevelop a residential site. There could have been slight topographical changes. There could also be some modifications or arising issues in the drainage system. The only way to determine this is by having the most recent information regarding your project site.

Surveying for flood risk assessment Sydney

Here at Geosurv, we provide timely and cost-effective surveying services in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and nearby areas. Our objective is to identify the flood risks (and other potential problems) in a site so engineers can plan accordingly.

Contact us today and our expert staff will assist you.

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