Simplifying Terrain and Volumetric Surveys

Surveys are generally associated with architectural firms and plans for the construction of buildings. But these aren’t the only types of surveys which exist – some surveys involve assessing large areas of terrain like quarries. The dimensions of these areas can make them difficult to survey by traditional means, especially if hazardous materials are present in the areas. But with the proper technology, it is very easy to get an accurate reading concerning the measurements of a large area.

What Makes Terrain and Volumetric Surveys Difficult?

Volumetric surveys pose a number of interesting challenges. Because they often deal with depth in addition to length and width, getting accurate measurements can be difficult. In addition, certain areas of land may have hazardous materials which can make it dangerous to survey them. But these types of surveys are often required if an area of land needs to be filled up or if a certain part of the terrain needs to be cut off to make room for a new building project.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scanning involves measuring an area by reflecting lasers over it. These lasers can provide accurate details,and can be particularly useful when it comes to volumetric surveying. By measuring the length and width of the area while also providing details about the depth of the terrain at various points, this technique makes volumetric surveying easier than ever before. Whether the terrain needs to be shaped or certain parts of it need to be filled, having accurate measurements of this type can prove beneficial.

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