How to Settle Property Line Disputes the Right Way

How to Settle Property Line Disputes the Right Way

How to settle property line disputes? It’s a common issue whether it’s a residential, commercial or government project. These kinds of disputes commonly arise when there’s an expansion or construction. This is when issues about property boundaries appear because of inaccuracies in papers, fences, drawings and of course, memories.

The only way to settle disputes

It’s through the legal process and professional surveying. This is to clarify the true property lines and prevent encroaching on another’s property before construction or expansion commences. For example, someone else is trying to “own” a parcel of your land and the developer is planning to construct a secondary building there. A fence or a tree is not a reliable marker for the boundary. The only way to know the truth is by hiring a professional surveyor.

A registered surveyor can correctly determine the boundary lines and place corner markers. Aside from accurately setting the property lines, the surveyor will also be able to determine the total land area of the property.

Negotiations and talks won’t help in settling a property line dispute. Everything should be on paper and handled by professionals. This is for your assurance and long-term legal safety. In other words, an agreement won’t hold between neighbours if the legal papers say otherwise.

This is true even in commercial developments and government infrastructures. For example, government agencies need to secure building permits before excavation and construction for a highway project. In commercial developments, developers also need to secure permits and supply land survey details before any kind of planning starts.

Settle property line disputes

In summary, hire a professional surveyor for property line disputes. This is valuable whether it’s a residential, commercial or government project. This is the only way to resolve the issue and prevent encroachment (which can lead to costly legal fees).

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