Pipe Cleaning and Repair

We provide pipe cleaning and repair services to clean blocked pipe networks and remove waste. Once the pipe is cleaned out, a CCTV unit is deployed to determine the pipe condition.

We utilise pipe jetting trucks for an efficient and effective result. If tree roots or other major blockages are found, a tree root cutting tool is used to clear the blockage and the pipe jetting truck cleans out the remaining blockage.

If the pipe is damaged, One Search Locators will undertake non-excavation pipe repairs. This involves applying a fiberglass patch to the damaged area. The pipe patching is guaranteed and it is a cost effective way to move your project forward rather than undergo the extremely expensive route of replacing pipe.

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Experts in their field

 One Search have consistently provided reliable support to our Sydney Metro construction teams…The team always do their best to fill my often-last-minute booking requests and I would definitely recommend them as experts in their field.

Alex Pfeffer – John Holland CPB Ghella JV