Level/Height AHD Surveys will allow you to meet building codes leading to a safer building structure for your property as required by council.

Understanding the Importance of Level Height Surveys

During the construction of a residential property, clients usually have plenty of requirements in terms of how the structure should look and how much they would like to spend. In addition, there are multiple structural requirements that must be met when building any structure. While it’s important to make sure that any building is constructed an appropriate distance from neighbouring structures, curbs, and fences, it’s also important to be mindful of the elevation of the structure. Level height surveys can help with planning out residential projects in a manner than ensures they are safe and reliable. Level and/or Height AHD Surveys are focused on the topographical levels and identify the cross fall and slope of an area of land. This is helpful for design of subdivisions (drainage, sewerage and road) and for Development Applications on vacant lots of land. Level and/or Height AHD Surveys are related to the Australia Height Datum (AHD) as required by Council.

Understanding the Australian Height Datum

The Australian Height Datum (AHD) is a database designed to map out the construction of buildings in accordance with sea level measurements. AHD surveys can help those who are constructing residential properties ensure that their structures are safe. This type of level height survey takes into account the minor differences between the elevations of different areas, and the datum has been adopted by the National Mapping Council to provide a reliable basis for the vertical mapping of structures. Residential properties built in compliance with these suggestions can enjoy many benefits.

The Perks of a Level Height Survey

Level height surveys allow clients, architects, and builders to meet building codes and create better results. Not only does taking elevation into consideration lead to a safer structure, but it can also help the property hold up to intense weather conditions and even minor natural disasters. Getting level height surveys can prove beneficial to any project, and the companies that provide these services can make all relevant details known to those involved in the construction of the residence.

Boundary Definition and Peg Out Surveys

A Registered Surveyor must complete all Boundary Surveys. Surveys that require Boundary Definition include boundary marking for fencing purposes, construction structures within proximity of the boundary, Mean High Water Mark for the current position of this variable boundary, Identification Surveys for the sale and transfer of property, Subdivision Surveys, Lease Plans, and Easement Surveys.

We will obtain copies of original plans from the appropriate State Authority, undertake the relevant survey work on site, conduct relevant office calculations and provide clear boundary markings on site, along with a plan showing the nature of the marks and their offset distance from relevant land features.

Geosurv Land Surveying & Construction Surveyors provide multiple residential surveying services including AHD surveys!

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