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Flood Surveys

Homes and developments that reside in flood zones will require a Flood Survey before any new development is undertaken. Flood Surveys also precisely identify the flow of water over the site and are related to Australian Height Datum (AHD).

What is a Flood Survey?

A Flood Survey assesses the level of risk that your property may be exposed to in the event of potential flooding. Skilled Surveyors from Geosurv analyse the topography of the land and take into consideration various other factors to determine the level of flooding risk on your residential property. They also determine which potential flooding or drainage problems your land or proposed development may face, and prepare detailed reports and certifications to satisfy the requirements of local councils.

In higher risk, flood-prone areas, a licensed flood survey may be necessary to permit approval for residential developments to take place.

Do I need a Flood Survey?

Unless it is very obvious that your property is not at any risk of flooding, only a skilled Surveyor can determine if a Flood Survey is necessary or if the risk of flooding is significant. At Geosurv, our experienced Surveyors can look into records and seek information from authorities, but a site inspection may be necessary to determine the specific level of risk relating to your property.

Is a Flood Survey mandatory?

If you propose to build in a flood-prone area, a Flood Survey will be necessary. Local councils may only issue building approvals if the proposed floor level meets certain criteria based on flood level risks.

But whenever you are buying residential property or redeveloping, checking for flood risk is wise and therefore recommended so you can ensure your investment and your family are safe. The survey will tell you if your property may flood as a result of what is called the ‘Australian Height Datum’, or because of insufficient drainage.

Geosurv are Australia’s premier experts in a range of surveying services including Flood Surveys, so to complete your project with quality and peace of mind, use only the best.