Community Title Subdivisions are used for housing, leisure and retail facilities and other community uses. Community Title ensures that land is set aside for community use while providing secure title to the ownership of the community property.

Community Title Subdivision

A Community Title subdivision is typically a complex cluster – or ‘community’ – of multiple Strata-titled properties and sub-schemes. An increasing number of Developers are setting up Community Title schemes that offer residential housing in conjunction with shared facilities, including walkways, parks and other local infrastructure.

The benefits of Community Titles

A key benefit of a Community Title subdivision is that the Developer can market a residential development as not just houses and land but a full ‘lifestyle’ package, featuring things like bike tracks, playgrounds and even swimming pools and other community perks.

And when it comes to the title holders and residents, they get the benefit of better services and facilities and a direct say in how their local community is run.

The management of these communities is called Community Title Management, typically concerning the various Strata Title Schemes and their integration with shared infrastructure. It is often said that these developments are run by what is in effect a ‘mini council’ that oversees the maintenance of roads and in some cases even arranges things like garbage collection, security services and the running of local events.

The Community ‘Association’

While the individual title holders own and control their respective property and are normally responsible for their maintenance and insurance, the collective community ‘association’ or ‘corporation’ owns and fully oversees the shared ‘association property’. The schemes range in size from small communities to what are in effect large suburbs, with Community Title Schemes often giving Developers the flexibility to gradually expand their plans over time, combining many residential, commercial and retail lots for a vast range of uses.

The association holds meetings for the administration of its own rules and by-laws and to make decisions relating to maintenance, and each lot owner is normally an automatic and often fee-paying association member. The key benefit is that building and maintenance standards are typically high, translating into higher property values, while members have a say in how their community is run.

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