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Torrens Title subdivision involves dividing property or land into multiple lots.

A residential subdivision or Torrens Title subdivision involves dividing property or into multiple lots making each lot completely independent from the other.

How is a subdivision conducted?

A Geosurv surveyor will initially undertake a detail survey of the property. A draft subdivision plan is then created to accompany your DA application to Council. A Registered Surveyor will review the development consent to ensure subdivision compliance and creation of any required easements and then prepare the final subdivision plans suitable for lodgement at Council and registration at the Titles Office.

Torrens Title Subdivision

Torrens Title Subdivisions are the most common form of land subdivision and involve the division of large parcels of land into smaller lots.

Residential property subdivision can be done in various ways. In short, subdividing land involves physically and legally turning one piece of land into several pieces so they can be properly built on and used for their intended purpose.

Torrens Title - what is it?

A Torrens Title subdivision is the most common method for recording and registering land ownership for residential land in Australia. When a Torrens Title is issued, one larger lot of land has been divided into two or more separate, single and protected land titles.

When a residential property subdivision occurs in this way, the respective owner gets full autonomy over their own land and doesn’t, for instance, have to answer to Strata Managers or Strata rules. This means that each lot of land is completely independent from the other, usually with no shared facilities.

How did the Torrens system start?

Sir Robert Richard Torrens first implemented the system in South Australia, largely replacing older, troublesome systems of titles. Often, these multiple, older law titles could be lost, causing major problems when land was changing hands. The Torrens Title system created a central registry so that each lot has a unique number, with all transfers of ownership being registered on this single title certificate.

Torrens Title and Geosurv

Professional Surveyors like Geosurv offer services to help with subdivision, including in the case of Torrens Title subdivisions. Subdividing Torrens Title land requires a detailed plan to be carried out by a Registered Surveyor so that it can be lodged with the Land Titles Office in cooperation with the council and other authorities.

Torrens Title subdividing can be complex and lengthy, with the approval and coordination with multiple authorities necessary along the way. So experienced surveying services like those offered by Geosurv ensure that your title is issued in as timely and cost-effective a way as possible.

What Benefits Does a Torrens Title Subdivision Offer You?

You must complete residential facilities in accordance with Council regulations and guidelines, Geosurv can provide you with:

Simplicity: By assisting in all aspects of the subdivision plans, Geosurv can make it much easier for you to work with these types of properties.

Quickness: By subdividing a property according to current laws, Geosurv makes it easier for you to complete the project in a timely manner.

Peace of Mind: No one likes dealing with Council hold-ups when it comes to your residential property. A Torrens Title subdivision can be a great choice for ensuring all of the procedures are handled properly.

Property owners have a very important responsibility, and Geosurv can assist with ensuring that these responsibilities are met without issue.

Why It’s a Smart and Cost-Efficient Choice

Choosing Geosurv for these types of needs ensures that you get the accurate and seamless surveying and subdivision processes you need to begin a seamless and successful project. A Torrens Title subdivision can be complex and lengthy if handled alone – this is why it’s a good idea to have a trusted surveying company handle this type of process.

What will Geosurv do?

Geosurv will assist with the following tasks you will require to achieve subdivision of land;

  • Undertake a detail and level site survey suitable for the design and location of proposed civil works and lot layout
  • Prepare draft subdivision plans for marketing and approval purposes
  • Review development consent to ensure subdivision compliance and creation of any required easements
  • Setout of proposed roads and other civil works for construction purposes
  • Undertake “as built” surveys of roads, drainage lines and detention systems
  • Prepare final subdivision plans suitable for lodgement at Council and registration at the Titles Office.