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An identification survey accurately establishes land ownership boundaries and usage.

An identification survey or boundary survey, is generally carried out for legal purposes such as in a contract of sale.

Identification surveys establish the boundaries between neighbours and can include easements, which is the right to use another’s property without possessing it such as a driveway or path.

Depending on what State or Territory you live in, an Identification survey must be certified by a Licensed or Registered Surveyor in order for the survey plans to be part of the Australian register of property titles.

How is an identification survey conducted?

A Registered Surveyor will check and measure the boundaries including the location of buildings, fences and other features, whether there are easements relating to drainage, any covenants, or other restrictions that affect how the land can be used. If buildings and fences are found to encroach on neighbouring land; an identification survey will pick this up.

What do I receive after the survey is conducted?

You are provided with a written report by a Registered Surveyor and sketch plan of your residential property.

Identification Surveys provide accurate descriptions of buildings, identifications of land and outlines everything on the parcel of land you may be purchasing.

An identification survey, sometimes referred to as simply ‘ident’, is a common and detailed survey undertaken by a registered surveyor that is needed for the basic identification, accurate measurement and appropriate description of buildings and improvements on a parcel of land or structures on adjoining properties. They are often required in a contract for sale of land in order to determine the position of buildings on the property.

Identification surveys provide accurate descriptions of buildings, structures, boundaries, and outlines everything on the land you are purchasing. When it comes to purchasing land, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Big financial commitments like this require precision and attention to detail. Geosurv is an expert in land surveying, and identification surveys are a must if you’re looking to purchase property.

When it comes to exactly what is considered part a property and how a structure is affected by adjoining or neighbouring structures, identification surveys provide you with that detail.

When do you need one?

You may need an identification survey if you are purchasing property. Your conveyancer or solicitor will normally seek out an up-to-date survey which would then be necessary to obtain a building certificate. A building certificate is valid for seven years and ensures the property on the land is clearly defined and will be yours to enjoy without problems.

Why Identification Surveys Are a Good Idea

Purchasing property can be a big financial commitment. When you choose to engage in this type of transaction, you want to make sure you have a full and detailed understanding of the property’s dimensions, what is included with it, and the relation any structures on the property have to those nearby.

With an identification survey, you get:

More Insight About Property: Whether it’s a question about exactly what you own or how the property may be affected by adjacent properties, identification surveys can provide the answer.

Protection for the Future: Property may come with certain issues pertaining to its structural integrity or legal complaints with local councils. Identification surveys ensure that you are aware of this so you can plan around them and enjoy the property in the long term.

Information for Future Upgrades or Resale: Whether you’re planning to sell the property or build on to it, identification surveys provide the type of information needed to make these endeavours much easier.

Geosurv guarantees accuracy and quality when it comes to identification surveys. These complex surveys provide information that can help you protect yourself during this type of major purchase.

A Record of Accuracy and Quality

Geosurv provides precision and reliability that buyers look for in an identification survey. When it comes to making sure that you are informed about the property you’re purchasing, an identification survey can be the perfect solution. Wasted time, lost money, and stress can be avoided by investing in an identification survey. Geosurv is an expert in identification surveys, and we’re here to help!

Why should you get one?

Although you may think you know what property you are buying, an identification survey ensures that what you think you are buying is accurately described on paper, with the contracts referring to the correct folio. The survey will ensure you don’t also buy a host of paperwork errors or unforeseen property and land defects that could make it hard to sell in the future or cause trouble with neighbours or the council, which could be as serious as orders to alter or even demolish.

What does the survey look for?

A registered surveyor will check and measure the land for the proper location of buildings, fences and other features, whether there are easements, for example relating to drainage, any covenants, or other restrictions that affect how the land can be used, and if the land currently complies with all such orders. If buildings and fences are found to encroach on neighbouring land; an identification survey will pick this up before it causes further problems so that action can be taken if necessary. Clients are provided with a written report and sketch plan for their residential property.