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Geosurv provide a range of surveying services for developers, builders, architects and property owners.

Our Cadastral Survey are experts in boundary and peg out surveys, large detail surveys and subdivisions.

To ensure cadastral projects are finished on time and to budget, take advantage of our efficient cadastral survey and planning services. We offer expert advice for your local market and industry.

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As a residential property surveyor, we provide a wide range of services for residential property owners and developers, builders, and architects.

If you’re building on a piece of property, you should have a detailed understanding of the terrain. Geosurv has years of experience providing residential property surveying services for the people of Sydney!

People choose us for surveys because we can help them speed up projects, minimise the chance of errors during the construction of a new building, and ensure that a structure is completed in a safe manner. If you need a residential property surveyor you can trust, contact Geosurv today!

Is a Residential Property Surveyor Right for You?

Simply put, a residential property surveyor provides you with detailed insight about the land where residential property is built or is about to be built.

Do you aim for quality, accuracy, and timeliness in your residential property projects? If so, then a surveyor could be a great investment. The information a surveyor provides can help you make sure your project turns out well.

A residential property surveyor may seem like an “extra” luxury during the building process, but this type of expertise is rapidly becoming a necessity. Our residential property surveys can provide you with valuable information and improve your experience!

How a Residential Property Surveyor Can Improve a Project

Residential projects are very important. Those who are looking to move into a new home want to make sure that both the process and the finished structure are safe, reliable, and affordable. There are many factors to consider when it comes to building residential properties and some people may be overwhelmed by the process. Working with a Surveyor can ensure that best practices are followed throughout the management of any residential property project. Our services can help anyone ensure that their residential project is finished according to a specific budget and time frame.

Helping to Speed Up Residential Projects

It can be very frustrating for those involved in a residential property project to start out only to find out that the process will be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances could include issues with the land, legal problems, or trouble with utilities. Our Residential Surveyors have the detailed understanding needed to help plan out residential projects in a seamless and straight-forward manner. Our team puts clients first, and we understand that delays on residential property projects cause problems for construction teams and future residents alike.

Making Residential Projects Cost-Efficient

A lot goes into creating residential properties. Architects, builders, , clients, and local governments are all involved with making sure that the structure is built properly in accordance with industry-standard guidelines and laws. Our team has a commitment to training in order to make sure every project complies with Australian Codes. We can help coordinate each aspect of a project to ensure that additional expenses are incurred to correct mistakes.

Residential property surveyors can help you avoid the small miscalculations and oversights that can lead to costly readjustments later. When you’re looking to create the best result, you need to use your resources in the most optimal manner – this means knowing the terrain you’re working with.

Every professional building project has a forecasted timeline and budget. Understanding the finer details of the terrain gives you the edge you need to succeed at a project.

When a project stays on track and a facility is constructed in accordance with the conditions of the terrain, it is much easier to keep costs low. This makes hiring a residential property surveyor a wise financial choice!

Why Should You Hire a Residential Property Surveyor?

Residential property surveyors can provide some big benefits to your residential project. These include:

  • Quicker Completion Times: With additional information about the terrain, you can plan ahead and speed things up!
  • Fewer Mistakes and Thus Fewer Adjustments: Nothing is worse than having your project disrupted due to unforeseen issues with the terrain. We can help you make sure you don’t run into any surprises.
  • A Safer Finished Product: By helping you understanding the terrain, a residential property surveyor makes it easy for you to build a safer finished product.

These are just a few of the reasons people hire residential property surveyors. But the reasoning goes deeper than that – these benefits ensure residential property projects create the best results without wasting money.