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Torrens Title Subdivisions

Torrens Title Subdivisions are the most common form of land subdivision and involve the division of large parcels of land into smaller lots.

Our Surveyors will prepare the plan of subdivision ready for lodgement at the relevant State Authority, namely Land & Property Information, the Department of Justice and Community Safety, and the Office of Regulatory Services, in order to obtain a new Certificate of Title.

Strata Title Subdivision

A Strata Title Subdivision defines the space for each lot in a building and can be used for residential unit blocks, villas, townhouses, commercial offices, industrial compounds and retirement villages. The lot will include living space, balconies, garages, car spaces, laundries and courtyards. All common property such as gardens, driveways and stairwells is owned by the owner’s corporation, which includes all lot owners. We can provide project management services for Strata subdivision from survey through to certification.

Stratum Subdivision

A Stratum Subdivision is used to create lots where vertical subdivision does not meet the requirements of the owner and the lots are required to be limited in height and/or depth. Examples of Stratum Subdivisions include subdivision of buildings for separate use or ownership, underground car parks for multi building complexes, underground railway stations and tunnels and areas above a road for access between various buildings.

Community Title Subdivisions

Community Title Subdivisions are used for housing, leisure and retail facilities and other community uses. Community Title ensures that land is set aside for community use while providing secure title to the ownership of the community property.

At Geosurv, we can create anything from a small community to a new town and will be happy to provide a full project management service for you.

Call 1300 554 675 or fill out the contact form for a free quote.

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