Civil Infrastructure and Road Projects

Geosurv use the latest in 3D Laser Scanning technology to capture both natural and man-made features of Architectural and Town Planning projects .

Although a standard detail survey is fundamental in both Architecture and Town Planning, it requires further interpretation, and often modelling before it can be effectively used in the design process.

With a team of Surveyors and Engineers who have extensive knowledge of 3D Laser Scanning, Geosurv can deliver superior results to help its clients achieve the projects objectives. In addition to the highest-quality detail survey, Geosurv can produce an accurate 3D model of the environment which can speed up the decision making and designing process.

Our dedicated 3D Modelling Engineers will create a 3D solid model of the area using the Point Cloud in a software environment specifically designed to generate models from 3D scan data. The CAD model produced is recognised by CAD 

The simplicity of the model allows for a more efficient and creative design than any other deliverable available. This eliminates the need for any further remodelling of the “as is” conditions, lowering the chances of errors and misinterpretation, and it gives the ability to start modelling directly on top of the survey 3D model. It is simple to extract features like planes, surfaces, lines and edges, making it easier to interface the new design with the existing structures. Furthermore, the ability to model the new design in the existing 3D environment gives superior visualisation and feedback.

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